Your First Visit


STEP #1: Understanding the Basic Nutritional, Functional Medicine & Wellness Concepts

Over the years we have made "dis"ease investigation way to difficult! This is, in part, due to medical specialization -- which is the  symbolic representation of a medical system born out of a reductionist mindset. For example, it is not uncommon today to have a patient on 5 different medications prescribed by 5 different doctors. Unfortunately, each specialty stands in isolation to the other with NO ONE looking at the big picture -- in that the whole (human body) is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, we need to move away from an organocentric view or a belief that organs of the body work in isolation, require a specialist and that ONE and only magical potion or elixir. We also need to make sure we don't get caught up in the polypharmacy approach -- the use of multiple drugs to target various organ systems and then more drugs to combat any of the adverse side effects from the original medications.

In the short video to follow, we outline a PREDICTABLE sequence of events for "dis"ease causation. In using this model, we can identify the REAL causative agents which, of course, will make treatment that much easier! We will also expand the definition of epigenetics to include: metagenetics and transgenetics. These new inclusions will help us to fill in some of the missing pieces often overlooked in conventional medicine -- notably the "non-physical" or energetic influences from our environment.

Chronological age: is based on your calendar year – your year of birth

Biological age: is based on your current health status. It is your actual physiological “age.” It can be higher or lower than your birth age. For example, one can be 30 years old chronologically, however, their physical body may be 50 based upon various abuses (smoking, drugs, etc.)

The goal is to increase both your chronological age (longevity) and biological age (quality of life or aging).

You Are One In a Million

There is not another person exactly like you. Your personality, outward appearance, your fingerprints – all are uniquely your own – different from anyone else on earth. So, too, are your nutritional needs! Hippocrates is believed to have said, “One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison.”

The Simple Truth

Most people who promote a particular dietary or health program insist that theirs is absolutely the best and only way to health. What they are actually saying is that their particular “diet” or lifestyle choices worked for them. The simple truth – your diet and supplemental needs can only be accurately answered through nutritional and functional  medicine testing and health counseling.

  • Nutritional recommendations must come from scientific validation and appropriate testing.
  • Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal. Whole food vitamins are natural and more biologically adapted to our body’s biology.
  • The better you eat and feel the fewer supplements your body will require.
  • An individualized exercise regimen including aerobic, anaerobic (strength training) and flexibility conditioning is necessary for achieving optimal health.
  • Learning how to balance the Mind/Body connection is vital for achieving all health related goals, decreasing stress, and optimal wellness.
  • We live in a time where “lifestyle diseases” like obesity, Type II diabetes and heart disease have, unfortunately, become the norm rather than the exception. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that “Under-and over-nutrition and diet-related chronic diseases account for more than ½ of the world’s diseases.” The National Cancer Institute estimates that 35-60% of cancers worldwide are related to diet alone. With these statistics in mind, we must all recognize that we are active participants on this health and wellness journey and must begin practicing prevention. We no longer have the luxury to wait for a personal health crisis before deciding to eat healthier and exercising.
  • All of our recommendations and information provided are not from the latest “fad” diet, but rather from longitudinal epidemiological studies on the longest lived, the latest scientific research articles as well as pioneers in the field of nutritional medicine that have published evidence for nutritional intervention, treatment and prevention of a multitude of health related conditions.
  • It is important to understand the in-depth investigative process that your functional medicine practitioner will use here at our office. Please take the time to understand its tenets fully: Click here to understand more about Functional Medicine.

STEP #2: Initial Assessment & Exam

Your 1st Functional Medicine Examination can include the following (depending on your condition, severity, and complexity):

Physical Exam

Detailed On-Line Health History Assessment. Once you have signed up and made your first appointment, you will be instructed on how to access this unique platform for our detailed and in depth health history analysis which will lead to a comprehensive 30-page report showing: dietary history analysis, suspected environmental exposures, nutrient deficiencies, tri-phasic suspected compromised organ dysfunctions, possible adverse food reactions, and more!

A Request of All Previous Medical Records

In-depth Goal Assessment

Vital Signs: Blood pressure, pulse, respiration, height, weight

Heart Rate Variability (if medically necessary): computer heart rate monitor to determine the status of your autonomic nervous system, and your unique ability to adapt to stress.

Body fat analysis: There is growing evidence that links excess fat weight with both health risks and the development of certain diseases. New research indicates that fat loss not weight loss can extend human longevity. By measuring body composition (Fat weight and muscle weight), a person’s health status can be accurately assessed and the effects of both dietary and physical programs better directed. How will my body fat be analyzed? A method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is used to analyze for fat weight and muscle weight. Body impedance (resistance) is measured when a small safe electrical signal is passed through the body carried by water and fluids. Impedance is greatest in fat tissue, which contains only 10-20% water, while muscle mass, which contains 70-75% water, allows the signal to pass much more easily. By using the impedance measurements along with a person’s height, weight and body type (gender, age, fitness level) it is possible to calculate the percentage of body fat, fat-free mass, hydration level, and other body composition values. All of the gathered information is used to create your nutritional and wellness program.

Basal Metabolic Rate: assessment of your “metabolism” – a function of your thyroid gland. It is the amount of energy expended while at rest to maintain your vital organs from functioning. Helpful test especially for patients suffering from thyroid-related issues.

Stress Testing: Blood pressure stress test and urinary assessment for functionality of your adrenal glands. This helps to answer the question of what stage of adrenal fatigue you might currently be in as well it’s impact on the rest of the body (sex hormone production, etc.)

Salivary and Urine Testing: including pH analysis (a great overall measure of your acid and alkaline balance), Nitric Acid Levels, and more

Initial Blood Testing: Our blood testing analysis will be guaranteed to be a more in-depth investigation then anything you have previously done in another physician office. It will also help to dig deep enough to uncover hidden problems and dysfunctions.

Food Diary & Supplemental Analysis: analysis of your current protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral content to allow for customization of meal planning and specific supplemental prescriptions.

Oxidata Test : Determination of your free radical levels. This urine test is 50 times more sensitive than a blood serum test for measuring the degree of free radical activity. Free radicals are formed with almost every biochemical reaction in the body. Damage from free radicals can lead to cellular degeneration that may result in allergies, arthritis, fatigue, cancer, and many other conditions. This test is helpful in establishing your antioxidant needs.

Indican Test: this test measures the amount of indicant in the urine. The putrefaction of undigested foods within the bowels creates indicant. The test will help to determine the type and length of your detoxification program as well as give hints as to status of malabsorption, “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, and “Dysbiosis” -- bacterial, yeast and fungal overgrowth.

Oxygen Saturation: Blood Oxygen level assessment

Vitamin C Test: helps to determine your Vitamin C levels which are important to your immune system and cardiovascular health.

Calcium Test: Bone, Nerve, Muscle Function Screen. Helps to determine your calcium levels and your acid/base buffering capability. This is a great test to tell your protein needs.

Chem 10 Urinalysis: Liver/Kidney function, protein screen, pH levels, presences of infection, blood, glucose and bacteria

H20 Hydration Levels



In many cases, we will have to initiate more specialized and advanced testing (especially for more complex cases). We literally have access to almost every advanced functional medicine diagnostic that is available.

  • Specialized Blood and Urine Testing
  • Food Allergy, Sensitivity Testing
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Salivary and Urinary Hormonal Testing
  • Genetic Testing such as: MTHFR and ApoE
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Testing
  • Adrenal and Stress Testing
  • Neurological Testing
  • Gastro-intestinal Testing
  • Neurotransmitters Testing
  • Advanced Microbial Testing: parasites, Lymes, Mold, etc.
  • And More…

STEP #4: Review of All Your Test Results/Exam and Implementation Strategies

On your return visit, the doctor will review all your test results and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. A detailed written report will be given to with your test results and treatment protocol. 

After the first visit an individualized wellness program will be designed and implemented step by step over subsequent visits lasting 1-3 months in duration before you can be spread out in frequency to our "Wellness Phase" (see below).


  1. Customized Vitamins/Minerals/Herbal Prescriptions based on Urine, Blood, Saliva, etc.
  2. Initial Detoxification Strategies addressing ALL organs of elimination: Liver, Kidney, Skin, GI system, Mind, Sinus, etc.
  3. Customized Meal Planning and Reading Food Label Education
  4. Continued Functional Medicine Advanced Testing, Analysis and Protocols 
  5. Weekly or Bi-weekly Monitoring
  6. Invitation to our Nutritional/Health Classes
  7. Stress & Mind/Body Guidance and Balance
  8. Customized Exercise Prescriptions
  9. On-Line Access to some of our unique on-line classes to help further your education and accountability while you are away from the office
  10. Use of smart-phone or computer Apps to help with accountability and monitoring (of course, this is optional - but highly recommended
  11. And Much More!

The Wellness Phase

Once you have achieved a more optimum health level, naturally you will want to stay well! That is most easily accomplished through regularly spaced visits over the next year and beyond. Frequency is determined on an individual basis anywhere from monthly, to quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. Each individual is different. Most wellness programs require lesser amounts of nutritional supplements & wellness/lifestyle coaching than we needed in the earlier phases of your program to “protect your investment in your health.”


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