The 100% Diet & Spiritual Nutrition

The 100% DIET is a revolutionary plan of healthy eating and lifestyle changes. It was developed by Dr. Jon Repole over a 14 year period working with 1000’s of patients with various conditions. The word diet comes from the latin root, “diaeta”, which means a manner of living or way of life. It was originally used to describe daily living. The 100% DIET encompasses the 5 Steps to Wellness as listed below and allows for a magical alchemy of our body’s innate wisdom, our consciousness, to flower to its greatest unlocked potential.


  1. Detoxification of both the Internal Body/Mind and the Outside Environment. This could be everything from chemical toxins, allergens, parasites, our organs of elimination (liver, kidney, skin, lung, sinus, and colon), racing thoughts, to toxic relationships.
  2. Nurturing our body/mind with the “New Paradigm Nutrients” – Sunshine, Clean Air, Clean Water, Plant Based Nutrition, Grounding, Spiritual/Cosmic Energy, Consciousness and Love.
  3. Nurturing our body/mind with Movement, Rest, & Growth – Exercise, Restorative Sleep, and all Activities of Daily Living.
  4. Nurturing ALL Relationships & identifying universal connectedness and unlimited abundance rather than competition, disconnectedness and separation
  • To your “Self” (beliefs, self-care, awareness, mindfulness, formulation of your dharma (purpose) and connection to your true source.)
  • To the “Macro World” (family, neighbors, community, culture, earth, environment, and cosmos)
  • To your “Inner Terrain” (the trillions of symbiotic micro-organisms that inhabit your body)
  1. Formulating an Individualized Plan based on you Bio-Uniqueness and specialized functional medicine testing
  • Personalized Diet, Personalized Exercise Program, Personalized Mind/Body program, etc.
  • Initial treatment of your Hormonal (Your Body’s Communication System – you are the person behind the thoughts) )and Gastro-intestinal Systems (you are what you eat)

The 100% DIET as it applies to the eating can be defined as simply:


The key to understanding the tenets of the 100% DIET rests in defining “natural.” Unfortunately, we cannot rely on terminology as defined by the food manufacturing companies simply because neither the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) nor the U.S.D.A (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has any legal regulation on the actual usage of the word. This has given food manufacturing companies full autonomy and freedom to choose their own arbitrary meaning which, of course, rarely has the consumer’s best interests in mind. In fact, the deceptive use of the word “natural” in advertising practices is well documented. For example, the words – natural flavor- can be used to designate a synthetic (laboratory created) blueberry flavor. These words are allowed simply because the product, although created in laboratory, resembles something from nature. Therefore, to avoid ambiguity we will use a new definition. If a food meets the following criteria it will be an acceptable food source on your journey through the 100% DIET, however, if it fails to meet these basic requirements, it will be considered un-natural and not worthy of consumption.

A food is considered natural when the following criteria are met:

  1. Food found in nature not laboratories. In other words, there is obviously a difference from a piece of fruit (found in nature) and a bag of chips (made in laboratories). We extend the definition of laboratories to include the processing of animal flesh and secretions from factory farms (laboratories where 99% of meat and dairy production arises in the United States).
  2. Foods free of processing. However, acceptable forms of processing include those procedures that enhance nutrient bioavailability – fermenting, sprouting, etc.
  3. Foods adapted out of need not want. We may want to eat a certain food, however, the most important question is really whether or not it is in alignment with our physiology and the body’s needs.
  4. Foods that contain “epigenome” nutrients. These are “messages” that direct positive biochemical change within the human body supporting self- regulation rather than those promoting dis-ease. We think of food, not in terms of calories, but rather in terms of information and how it will direct the expression of our genetic potential.
  5. Foods with intact Holo-Nutrients . Holo-Nutrients are whole foods that contain intact messages as they were found in nature. An orange, is of course, different than a Vitamin C tablet. The opposite of a Holo-Nutrient would be the concept of reductionism or that the parts are equal to the whole.
  6. Foods free of anti-nutrients: Xenobiotics, Biotechnology foods (GMO’s), etc.
  7. Eating an abundance of biogenic, sun-ripened & nutrient dense foods: Sprouts, Green Leafy Vegetables, Juice feasting, etc. These substances (antioxidants and phytonutrients) contain Positive Hormetic Properties. Simply put, the concept of positive hormesis, refers to the fact that small things (antioxidants, phytonutrients) have a greater than expected positive effect. Vaccines and homeopathy are examples of hormesis.
  8. Foods free of Metaphysical Toxins and Negative Hormetic Properties. This refers to the fact that certain substances found in animal products and processed foods have a greater than expected negative effect on the human body.
  9. Foods selected from the New Paradigm Nutrients (see below), a primary source of Cosmic Energy.
  10. Individualized for your constitution. Everyone is unique, thus, we believe that your diet should be customized an tailored to meet your specific needs, physiology and goals.


All nutrients come from plants except for Vitamin D (from the sun) and Vitamin B12 (from bacteria)

We can obtain are nutrients in various ways. They include the following: primary sources (plants), secondary sources (animal products, i.e. – animals eat primary sources and accumulate the nutrients in their flesh), and tertiary sources (processed foods)


Traditional Nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein) can be obtained from primary, secondary and tertiary sources

KEY CONCEPT: Our ill health is in direct proportion to the amount of secondary and tertiary sources we include in our diet


New Paradigm Nutrients (NPP) ingested from PRIMARY sources only. These include the following: Sunshine, Clean Air, Clean Water, Plant Based Nutrition, Grounding, Spiritual/Cosmic Energy, Consciousness and Love.

KEY CONCEPT: Our health is directly proportional to the amount of New Paradigm Nutrients we ingest, in other words the amount of primary source nutrients

The 100% DIET is based on the knowledge that there is an optimal way of eating. This optimal dietary pattern has been shown to exist in various populations around the globe and has shown a preponderance of evidence in its healing properties through both science and research. The 100% DIET is also based on common sense – which would dictate that foods unprocessed and un-manipulated by man will yield the highest of nutrition in the following: macronutrient quality, micronutrient density, antioxidant and phytochemical properties, holo-nutrient and epigenome integrity as well as providing a conduit of energy from the primary cosmic energy source. The most fundamental “rule of commonsense” is that eating more fruits and vegetables is the KEY to our health.

The 100% DIET is a plant based diet that goes one step further in its exclusionary principles of animal products. Few would argue that a reduction of animal based products is crucial to overturning all the degenerative disease that now plague our country such as cancer, diabetes osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, etc. However, the complete prohibition of seemingly minute amounts of animal flesh and secretions are prohibited based on our new definition of natural, specifically the metaphysical toxins and the concept of negative hormesis. The profound healing capabilities of this total exclusion allows for complete transcendence, healing and nurturing. This also allows us to maximize the body’s “anti-aging” (quality of life) and longevity (age) potential.

The 100% DIET encourages food choices to be made based on health, along with a deep responsibility for the earth, animals and peoples working the land to bring food to your table. It encourages you to vote at the supermarket every time you purchase a food. Lastly, the 100% DIET also allows for individuality and customization. Certain foods, during times of stress, and “dis” ease can act as “medicine” and they would be encouraged to be eaten in abundance during these times. For example, if your body is in a healing crisis – a juice feast may be appropriate or if you have been physically injured – you will learn to load up on anti-inflammatory foods. Bio-individual considerations are of utmost importance because no two people are alike. In order for a dietary plan to stand the test of time it should allow for such flexibility. The 100% DIET foods possess medicinal activities that far surpass any means of prevention we currently understand. The foods also possess a capacity for self-healing and self- propagation allowing our bodies’ own in-house pharmaceutical warehouse to administer appropriate prescription regimens in perfectly oriented dosages.

In summary, the 100% DIET is based on:

  • Science and Research
  • Commonsense – the rules of reasonableness
  • Following your dharma
  • Breaking old paradigms
  • Exclusionary Principle of all Animal Based Products
  • Awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Individualization
  • Reliance on the New Paradigm Nutrients


“Spiritual Nutrition transcends all cultural borders. It is a part of the original spiritual teachings in every country in the world; in every faith…all the way back to the ancient Essenes and the wisdom of the Rishis masters of India, regardless of our creed or culture. It was given to all of us as a tool, a step on the path to Enlightenment.”

— W.Kacera

For millions of people food instead of being a source of nourishment it has become an area of conflict and confusion- endless weight-loss dramas, eating disorders, cravings, addictions, body image obsessions, and never-ending searches for the ‘best’ nutritional system.

With the hectic pace of everyday life, most of us have lost our spiritual connection to food. Food has been reduced to “fuel”- a listing of nutritional “value.” But the human body is not a machine, and many of the food-related issues that plague us, can be traced to our lack of awareness of the relationship between body and spirit.

No matter how much we work on ourselves spiritually, our diet also plays a very significant role in how we feel. A heavy, chemical-ladened diet can actually make even the lightest spirit feel heavy. On the other hand, certain other types of meals can rapidly boost someone’s spirit, mind, and heart. Many spiritually minded people receive intuitive messages to delete certain foods or beverages from their diet. Others on the spiritual path lose their tolerance for low-frequency substances such as coffee or sugar. They develop sudden adverse reactions to ingesting these substances.


Food is a dynamic force which interacts with humans on the physical body level, the mind-emotional level, and also the energetic and spiritual level. The study of spiritual living nutrition is the study of the interaction and assimilation of the dynamic forces of food by the dynamic forces of our total being.
We need to explore the fully range of our relationship of nutrition spiritual life, to expand beyond the present definition of nutrition that includes subtle energetic principles.


  • What is the purpose of nutrition?
  • What is it we call nutrition?
  • What is assimilated?
  • What is that which is assimilating?
  • What is the relationship between the nutrient assimilated and spiritual unfolding?


  • How does your relationship to food obstruct awareness of your spiritual nature?
  • How can food serve as a reminder of your spiritual nature?
  • If you had only one week to live, how would your relationship to food and your body change?
  • If you were reborn tomorrow, what advice would you give yourself about your relationship to food and nourishment?

There are four aspects of food: biological, psychological, spiritual, and social nutrition.

Biological Nourishment: the nutrients in optimal foods have the power to heal and balance physical health.

Psychological Nourishment: food influences mood; conversely, mood, emotions, and feelings often affect food choices

Social Nourishment: dining with others in a pleasant atmosphere affects well-being.

Spiritual Nourishment: eating with an awareness of the mystery of life in food and connecting with it via mindfulness, appreciation, and a loving consciousness may enhance health.

Since the beginning of time food has nourished us multi-dimensionally; it feeds not only the body, but also mind, soul, and social well-being. They are secrets because this understanding has been part of humankind’s relationship to food for thousands of years, but in the last century, most of us have lost and forgotten about them.

In North American we got so off track with our relationship to food quiet awhile ago. First, in the 19th century, chemist Wilbur Olin Atwater told us that food is fuel, the body is a machine. About the same time, the industrial revolution gave us refined, processed food. In the late 1800s, Puritan values still predominated in America, which meant that food was often perceived as sinful, or as good and bad; in other words, we projected moral values onto food. Today, we relate to food mostly in terms of how it can be objectively measured. The meaning in food has been stripped away along with its nutrients during processing. Every time you look at a label in the supermarket and you see numbers next to nutrients, you are witnessing the affect of Newtonian science in action.

The best to eat way depends on an individual’s personal health and nutritional goals. The way to use nutritional science effectively and optimally is to ask yourself, do you need (or choose) to eat to prevent a health problem for which you are at high risk, to manage an existing health problem, or to reverse an ailment.

Optimal health depends not only on what we eat, but also on how we eat. What we eat has been the singular focus of nutritional science, but how we eat also affects our health and well-being. One healing secret tells us what to eat for optimal health; and the other healing secrets show us how to eat for health and well-being. The healing secrets tell us about how to eat include: feelings, mindfulness, appreciation, connection (love), and socializing. Here is an example of how, let’s say, eating mindfully influences health. So many Americans eat while task-stacking: in front of the computer, watching television, driving, and walking down the street, but eating mindfully, being present in the moment with your food, may actually affect the way the food is metabolized and ultimately, your health and well-being. When physician Donald Morse of Temple University did research with female students, he asked them to meditate for 5 minutes before eating, then also to do mental arithmetic for 5 minutes before eating. When the students meditated, they produced 22% more of an enzyme in saliva called alpha-amylase, which helps you break down carbohydrates and B vitamins in food. This suggests that if you eat in a relaxed, mindful, present state of mind, you’ll absorb more nutrients, and in this way, may improve health.

Motions, Mood & Food

In the 1970s, Drs. Judith and Richard Wurtman discovered that when animals consumed the carbohydrate-dense foods of potatoes and sugar they released a naturally occurring hormone called serotonin, which calms and relaxes you. Other examples of carbohydrate-rich foods are pasta and bread. On the other hand, low-fat, high-protein foods (such as nonfat yogurt) release another hormone called norepinephrine, which keeps you mentally alert. It’s not a stimulant; rather, it simply makes you more alert. The key concept with food mood research, is what is commonly referred to as psychological nutrition, is that food influences emotions, and inversely, that our emotions and feelings often influence our food choices.


Spiritual nutrition is about the mystery of life inherent in both food and human beings. All food contains and gives life, and we human beings are also life giving and life containing. Also, both food and human beings depend on the elements, the sun, the earth and soil, water, and air to live and thrive. Spiritual nutrition acknowledges the interdependence and connection among plants, animals, human beings, and the mystery of life, and connecting to this life force. The way to access and derive the health benefits of spiritual nutrition is to implement the three healing secrets of spiritual nutrition: mindfulness, appreciation, and love, each time you eat.


The key concept for optimal health and optimal eating is that what and how you eat hold the keys to physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

Integrative nutrition

Integrative nutrition merges Western nutritional science with Eastern healing systems that include nutrition (such as Ayurveda), and also timeless food wisdom (from world religions and cultural traditions). Integrative nutrition is about holistic eating and total nutrition, a relationship with food that is capable of healing body, mind, and soul.

Bridging the Gap Between Ancient Wisdom & Modern science

Humankind for millennia has turned to food to nourish physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.


  • We are more than just a physical body; we are a spiritual source.
  • By nourishing the body, we nourish the spark of life within the body.
  • The body is Sacred and therefore, the nutrition of the body is Sacred.
  • A truly evolved nutritional approach takes us fully into the body and beyond the body,
  • Our relationship to food teaches us a great deal about who we are and how we live.

“To receive the most subtle particles in the food, you must be fully conscious, wide awake, and full of love. If the entire system is ready to receive food in that perfect way, then the food is moved to pour out its hidden riches when food opens itself, it gives you all that it has in the way of pure, divine energies.”

— O. M. Aivanbov

“When we look at nutrition from a purely scientific point of view, there is no place for consciousness. And yet, consciousness could be one of the crucial determinants of the metabolism of food itself.”

— Deepak Chopra., M.D.M

(Adapted from the writings of Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D.)


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