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Dr. Jon Repole
Your Jacksonville Chiropractor

Thought I would post this for people that have been asking me what I am doing, how I'm eating and why. My prayer is that maybe my story and experience can help someone else in their journey.

I would like to first thank God for the wisdom to seek him and His will for me. Next, a shout out and a sincere thank you to Dr. Jon and Heather Repole at Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center!

Here is a short version of a long story! This has been a long journey of dealing with health issues that manifested themselves into lots of weight gain and life stealing hormone issues. As far as my weight, it has been as high as 240 lbs. and today as a byproduct of getting my body healthy I am 161 lbs. But what you can't see in a picture is the huge benefits in my health and wellbeing. I began eating 100 % plant based and no processed foods on July 12, 2012 and as a result I was able to get off thyroid medication and progesterone (Praise God)! In trying to function on a daily bases, I was increasing my usage of both medications with little to no results. I am still amazed that I am now off everything and feeling awesome and losing weight! I have learned that weight is a by-product of health, so I don't have weight goals, I have health goals. My body will find its natural weight and I'm ready! I still have a ways to go, but I'm not who I used to be, I'm excited about who I am, but not yet who I'm going to be.....Let the journey continue.

—Christy Timbrook

"Dr Repole has Magic hands! For the first time in a week, I'm not in back/neck pain! It is so amazing! The alignment and EMS did wonders! I didn't need my Tiger Balm patches (in 6 different places) nor my heating pad last night nor ibuprofen! I slept a full 8 hrs which made for a more productive, successful day today! My daily living activities/capabilities have increased from barely a 5 out of 10 to an 8 af just one visit! I still need more help to fine tune but he gave me great pain relief (understatement) with his work. Plus, mentally & psychologically I'm healthier as well bc I'm not in constant pain! I know my treatment is working! it is such a good feeling to know you are doing something to repair the problem from within instead of masking the problem with medication or quick fixes where it will eventually rear its ugly head again. I can't wait to go back tomorrow! If you are in pain, make an appointment, you will be so glad you did! Or, be proactive & make an appointment to prevent future pain."

—Millie Moreno on Facebook

"I used to eat whenever food was in front of me, and I pretty much ate everything. There was not a lot I wouldn't eat. I ran and walked 7 marathons, did yoga, and so I generally thought of myself as healthy. Each time I went for my annual physical, the doctor would say that everything is great except my cholesterol is high. Would I come back in 3 months and get it checked again after changing my diet? Every year I would decide "I'm not going back for a second check because I eat well and I'm not going on cholesterol medicine!" Even my father said that no matter what he did in terms of his diet, he was not able to bring his cholesterol down below 210. And he eats very healthy. Since I got my high cholesterol from him, I figured there was nothing I could do besides take the cholesterol-lowering medicine. I talked about this with a friend who suggested I see Dr. Repole because she had learned a lot from him about eating and nutrition. The first thing he told me is that chicken has about the same amount of cholesterol as red meat! Dr. Repole taught me how to eat in ways that lowered my overall cholesterol by 21 points. This year my primary care doctor said I do not need to take cholesterol medicine! Besides the fact that I won't be on a pill for the rest of my life, my digestion has improved incredibly. I feel more comfortable all over. I have less bloating, gas, and more comfort when it comes to eating and digesting."

—Laura Lane


A Testimonial From Virginia West

    Where do I even begin.... Well, my husband and I became patients of Dr Jon Repole about 7 years ago. To call him a chiropractor is simply an understatement. Yes, Dr Repole is an amazing chiropractor, but he is so much more and that is clearly demonstrated in his approach to treatment...the whole person is treated, not just a symptom. I feel so empowered with knowledge because of what I have learned about diet and its connection to truly being well. Dr Jon Repole is our primary care physician! Ja

    Francesca Taylor

    Dr. Repole and his staff have helped my husband and I change our way of eating and looking at food. They guided us through the transition from the standard American diet of meat and fat and more meat, to a vegan diet. I never would have believed we could do it. Both of us feel better than we ever have before and have lost weight. Thank you, Dr. Repole.

    Anonymous on Google+

    My cholesterol has dropped 150 points since beginning my nutritional program.


    I was constipated for 15 years before coming to see Dr. Repole, as I understand it I was suffering from autointoxification. After doing the detocification program, my life began! I am no longer fatigued and my energy levels have come back.


    I no longer have pain. Thanks, Dr. Repole.


    I never thought I would be able to change my diet, however, after I felt the way I should feel - I will never go back.


    I walked in the office in tears, unable to bend, unable to work. I walked out feeling great and continue to see Dr. Repole to prevent this from ever happening again.


    I have lost over 82 lbs on Dr. Repole's weight loss program.