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Core Class Workshop Curriculum

We have many classes and workshops throughout the year on various health and wellness related topics. By attending all of our core classes and workshops as listed below, you will be able to fully integrate the mind, body, and spirit component of your wellness journey as we explore:- Diet

  • Meal Planning, Grocery Tours, Reading Food Labels
  • Self Help Techniques
  • Consciousness and Becoming “Super-conductors”
  • Exercise Guidance
  • Breath work and Meditation
  • The 5 Steps to Wellness
  • Detoxification
  • How to Create Change in Your Life
  • And much more!

Class/Workshop 1: Wellness for Life 101

Class/Workshop 2: Wellness for Life 201

Class/Workshop 3: The Alchemy of Consciousness and Creating Change

Class/Workshop 4: The 5 Steps to Wellness

Class/Workshop 5: Detoxification

We live in a time where “lifestyle diseases” like obesity, Type II diabetes and heart disease have, unfortunately, become the norm rather than the exception. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that “Under-and over-nutrition and diet-related chronic diseases account for more than ½ of the world’s diseases.” The National Cancer Institute estimates that 35-60% of cancers worldwide are related to diet alone. With these statistics in mind, we must all recognize that we are active participants on this health and wellness journey and must begin practicing prevention. We no longer have the luxury to wait for a personal health crisis before deciding to eat healthier and exercising.

For the very first time in Jacksonville, a complete health and wellness program incorporating the mind, body and spirit dimensions of health will be offered to the public. These programs offer a safe, and effective complementary treatment for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, weight loss, chronic pain management, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders – to name a few. All recommendations and information provided are not from the latest “fad” diet, but rather from longitudinal epidemiological studies on the longest lived, the latest scientific research articles as well as pioneers in the field of nutritional medicine that have published evidence for nutritional intervention, treatment and prevention of a multitude of health related conditions.

This program is not only for people suffering from acute and chronic bodily diseases but is for ANYONE WHO SIMPLY WANTS TO UNCOVER THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL and live a life of optimal health, well-being, peace, inner stillness and harmony. Dr. Repole and staff will guide you through a proven, common sense, one-on-one health and wellness program that takes the confusion and difficulty out of healthy eating and living. We will explore all the dimension of health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides. It is our goal to share these dimensions in their interconnected context and break free of the old paradigm of separation. See our EVENTS for upcoming dates and times.


  • Our Current Health Care Crisis
  • Why We Do What We Do
  • The Pleasure Trap (Why unhealthy foods are addictive)
  • Learn how to stop food cravings and bingeing
  • Current Nutritional Research
  • Unlock the Nutritional Code – Is there an optimal diet?
  • Secrets to Longevity from the Longest Lived
  • The Dairy Myth
  • The Protein Myth
  • Water Hydration
  • The Basics of Nutrition
  • The Carbohydrate Myth, Glycemic Index and Balancing Insulin
  • Fat Nutrition
  • Protein Nutrition
  • Weight Loss Secrets
  • Fiber
  • Raw Foods
  • The 100% DIET Implementation
  • Recipes
  • The New Food Pyramid
  • Meal Planning
  • Reading Food Labels, GMOs and the Virtual Grocery Tour


  • Increased energy
  • Increased vitality
  • Improve insulin and sugar control
  • Teach your friends and family how to take responsibility for their most precious gift – our body
  • Learn Natural and Effective alternatives for living a drug free existence
  • Learn preventative methods for all degenerative disease such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, and heart disase


  • Lecture
  • 100 page manual
  • Food Demonstrations
  • Gourmet Meals and Snacks
  • Certificate of Completion


Includes advanced health and wellness protocols to help you customize your wellness journey:

  • Advanced “Un-cooking” techniques and the importance of Raw Foods
  • How To Individualize Your Diet
  • How to Read Your Blood Work
  • What Supplements Should I Take
  • The Exercise Triangle: Aerobic, Strength Training and Flexibility


  • Lecture
  • 100 page manual
  • Food Demonstrations
  • Gourmet Meals and Snacks
  • Certificate of Completion


Most of us intellectually know what to do. Why then do we become “addicted” to negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors? In this workshop we will tackle the unimaginable, the science of changing the negative into the positive. We will explore a journey from the un-manifested to the manifest. Ultimately, the answer comes down to rewiring your brain circuitry, becoming a super conductor of consciousness, uncovering your highest potential and exploring your life’s mission – your bliss.

  • Exploration and practice of various Mind/Body techniques such as breath work and meditation
  • The Science of Consciousness
  • The Metaphysics of Consciousness
  • Exploring the Sevenfold path to Peace: Our Relationships
  • Self Help Mastery, Instructions and Worksheets


This is an advanced look into our 5 Steps to Wellness Protocol and the Origin of Disease.

Can there be a simple solution to wellness, prevention of disease, and optimal health? In this lecture we will present a no nonsense approach to becoming all that you can be on all dimensions of health – the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The 5 Steps to Wellness opens a new paradigm of health which puts the control back in your hands and away from the conventional medicine! In this lecture we will talk about an integrated approach that includes the following: diet, detoxification, mind/body work, awareness/consciousness, ecological/cosmic interconnectedness, sevenfold- path to peace, exercise, stress reduction and much more. We have one body that has been gifted to us and it is our obligation to treat it as the sanctuary it is. In this lecture we will also demonstrate and perform a few simple tests and modalities we use in office to help individualize your 5 Step Program.


  1. Detoxification of both the Internal Body/Mind and Outside Environment. This could be everything from chemical toxins, allergens, parasites, our organs of elimination (liver, kidney, skin, lung, sinus, and colon), racing thoughts, to toxic relationships.
  2. Nurturing our body/mind with the “New Paradigm Nutrients” – Sunshine, Clean Air, Clean Water, Plant Based Nutrition, Grounding, Spiritual/Cosmic Energy, Consciousness and Love.
  3. Nurturing our body/mind with Movement, Rest & Growth – Exercise, Restorative Sleep, and all Activities of Daily Living.
  4. Nurturing ALL Relationships & identifying universal connectedness and unlimited abundance rather than competition, disconnectedness and separation
  • To your “Self” (beliefs, self-care, awareness, mindfulness, formulation of your dharma (purpose) and connection to your true source.)
  • To the “Macro World” (family, neighbors, community, culture, earth, environment, and cosmos)
  • To your “Inner Terrain” (the trillions of symbiotic micro-organisms that inhabit your body)
  1. Formulating an Individualized Plan based on you Bio-Uniqueness and specialized functional medicine testing
  • Personalized Diet, Personalized Exercise Program, Personalized Mind/Body program, etc.
  • Initial treatment of your Hormonal (Your Body’s Communication System – you are the person behind the thoughts) )and Gastro-intestinal Systems (you are what you eat)


Our detoxification workshop will include answers to the following:

  • What is Detoxification?
  • Can I perform this at home?
  • What should I purchase?
  • Juicing vs. Whole Food Blending
  • Can I juice if I have Diabetes? Cancer? Underweight? Candida?
  • What supplements should I take?
  • How often should I detox?


  • Jucing Demostrations
  • Pre and Post Detoxification Menus
  • Detoxification Manual