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Specialized Testing


The following list of additional diagnostics are available here at Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center:

Adrenal Stress Index Panel – Salivary

Hormonal testing to establish whether the adrenal glands (located above the kidneys) are affecting your stress levels. Also included is a food allergy and insulin screen – to help distinguish if foods or blood sugar levels might be affecting your stress levels. This test is a must for those suffering from chronic or acute stress, fatigue, fibromyalgia, trouble sleeping, decreased metabolism, hypoglycemia, headaches, and irritability- to name a few.

Gastrointestinal Panels

NEW – DNA Analysis

Diagnostic testing to assess functional gastrointestinal problems like: inflammation of the colon, presence of abnormal bacteria, parasites, blood or yeast, leaky gut syndrome, and pH levels. This test is helpful for treatment of IBS, colitis, bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, malabsorption and constipation.

Female and Male Hormonal Testing (Salivary)

Conditions benefited from these tests include: PMS, depression, hot flashes, endometriosis, menstrual problems, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, decreased libido, low energy, hair loss, decreased muscle mass and strength.

Weight Loss

Specialized testing to uncover the roadblocks that are preventing someone from losing weight these includeadrenal dysfunction, thyroid antibodies, sluggish metabolism, & hormonal dysfunction.

General Urinalysis Screen

Helps to determine liver, kidney function as well as presence of infection, blood, glucose and bacteria.

Food Allergy Testing

  1. Four of the most common allergens including gluten, soy, milk and egg. (Uses a simple saliva sample)
  2. Thirty of the most common allergies. Finger Prick -blood (in office)
  3. Ninety of the most common allergens. Blood draw

This test allows detection of delayed food allergies called IgG delayed hypersensitivity reactions – which are the most common – yet most difficult to detect – type of food reaction. They are implicated in a host of diseases including ADD, ADHD, fatigue, gas, bloating, depression, decreased energy, immune system compromise, and autoimmune diseases – to name a few.

Oxidata Test (Free Radical Levels)

Helps to determine specific amount of free radicals (non-specific indicator of aging) are present as well as the correct dosage of antioxidants needed.

Indican Test (Bowel Toxicity Screen)

Helps to determine level of intestinal detoxification needed. Positive results indicate bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, malabsorption and maldigestion of proteins.

Quick Easy Calcium/Osteoporosis Screen (Urine)

Glucose Screening (Blood)

Cholesterol/Lipid Screening (Blood)

Hair Analysis

Helps to determine your level of heavy metal exposure. Examples include aluminum and mercury toxicity.

Neurological Testing

The test measures the amounts of neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Dopamine, etc. to help determine if there are chemical imbalances in the brain. This test is extremely useful in helping with natural depression protocols.

Specialized Autism Testing

Specialized Fibromyalgia Testing

Orthotic Thermal Scanning

Insoles are customized to your shoes to help with foot (loss of arches, plantar fascitis, etc.), ankle, knee, hip and low back problems (high hips, uneven legs).

Wellness & Preventative Screen

Computerized Heart Rate Variability Stress and Exercise Assessment

This test is a quick and east method of determining how stress and anxiety is affecting your overall well being. The information provided will help with individualizing supplementation, stress reduction techniques and exercise prescriptions.

Customized Blood and Urine Testing for Vitamin/Mineral, Essential Fatty Acid & Other Hidden Metabolic Pathway Dysfunctions.