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What Drives Us

This page of our website is extremely important to us because it provides an opportunity to truly reveal our passion, our vision, our drive and our overriding purpose in life.

With this being said, we desire to emphasize why we do, what we do:

Mission Statement

The mission of JHWC is to help others UNCOVER their highest self by following their calling, bliss and dharma. The uncovering of this inner wisdom can be used as a compass for nurturing thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, behaviors, results and outcomes. We form partnerships and act as educators, guides and mirrors for the transcendence of consciousness allowing others to be better versions of their self. We are dedicated to provide services, educational courses, products and a lifestyle that nourishes the health of body, mind, spirit, nature, community and our cosmos. Each and every person is unique, has their own story, possesses unlimited potential and it is our sincere desire to help others strive to live a life full of abundance, love, health, and happiness.

Our country continues to get sicker with each passing year and the statistics are staggering. Did you realize that for the first time in history this generation of children will not outlive their parents? How can this happen in a country full of so much opportunity, money, and human resources. With all that we have, how have we become a nation abounding with lifestyle diseases? The choices that we make are leading to our demise, but now you have to make a CHOICE that could truly change YOUR world forever….WILL YOU BE PART OF THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION?

We pose this question with nothing but the highest degree of respect, because there is no right or wrong answer, and instead your decision will be based on what you desire from your life. As our world gets sicker, your life can get healthier and we are confident that what we offer at our facility will help you develop a foundation for your health going forward.

Therefore, if you are ready to take action, then please call our office in order to schedule your initial consultation because it would be our honor to help you enhance the quality of your life.