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Seven fold Path To Peace

Peace with the Body

We begin with the body. When the body is nourished by natures seven healers: (1) organic, living foods; (2) fresh air (3) adequate sunlight; (4) pure water; (5) exercise; (6) rest and (7) emotional, mental and spiritual nutrition, we experience a natural state of health and harmony. The Essenes perceived the body as the manifestation of the laws of life and the cosmos. Through the study of the body is revealed the ‘keys’ to the universe, and how to heal oneself.
Peace with the Mind

Peace with the mind involves creating a peaceful mind on three levels: the individual mind, the planetary mind and the cosmic mind. The mind’s individual function is to utilize the power of thought to lovingly guide our feelings and actions. The planetary function is to contribute noble and uplifting thoughts to the planetary thinking body, thus connecting one with the cosmic ocean of thought from which all inspiration and truth comes. Through this most powerful force of thought one has the ability to achieve anything to which one aspires that is in harmony with Cosmic Law.

Peace with the Family/Emotions

Peace with the family is concerned with harmony in the feeling body, harmony in the emotions. Divine love is the great cosmic power. It is the law of the body, but is expressed most powerfully through the feeling body. The key is to love oneself unconditionally. This gives one the strength to interact with family, friends and associates with unconditional love. The feeling body can be the most powerful capacity for creating health and vitality

Peace with Community

Peace with community is the ultimate result of a shift in individual consciousness to the awareness of global unity. To do this we must heal the illusion of separation. The more we live in harmony with natural and divine laws the more we are likely to experience our true state of oneness with all of creation. The Essenes saw Nature as their bible. From each Element they received their education and their pleasure. Through meditation, study and Nature we learn peace with community.

Peace with Culture

Peace with culture refers to the utilization of the masterpieces of wisdom from all ages, including the present. Humanity can take its rightful place in the universe by absorbing the great spiritual teachings given to us. The Essenes were aware of three approaches to spiritual evolution: the intuitive path of the mystic, the path of studying nature, and the path of studying the works of the great masters of literature and art. They practiced a combination of all three.

Peace with Ecology

Peace with the Earthly Mother is the foundation of our physical and spiritual existence. Our health, vitality and well-being requires an ability to attune ourselves to our inner nature so that we may know nature as an extension of our Self. As we re-sensitize ourselves to nature we learn to co-operate with Her laws and discover them as a natural expression of who we are.

Peace with God

Peace with God is total peace. Through this peace one becomes united with the highest values of the universe. It is the totality of the six aspects of peace. As we attune with cosmic consciousness we unify with Universal Divine Law, synergistic with God as co-creator. Through this peace is awakened the inner intuition of Truth and Love resulting in great joy and love filling every aspect of one’s life.