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Our Philosophy & The 5 Steps To Wellness


  • Do no harm
  • Find and treat the cause rather than a focus on symptomatology. Classifying someone with any of the following diagnoses: anxiety, depression, diabetes, etc. leads to symptom management. As an example, two people with depression (symptom) will present with different physiological etiologies (causes). Unfortunately, the causative agents are never sought. Rather the practitioner uses signs and symptoms to ultimately lead to the diagnosis of depression which is simply just another way of describing his/her symptom – “depression.” This label offers us little insight into proper treatment as the causative agent/s goes unidentified.
  • Treat the whole person, and not the “dis-ease.” Our current health care system is broken, we need to move away from the conventional failure of chronic disease management toward an emerging new paradigm that is based upon treatment of the Person with the “dis-ease” rather than treatment of just the named “dis-ease.” The traditional system leads to the same treatment for all – the “one drug/one disease” model.
  • Doctor as teacher
  • Trusting in the power of nature: the power that created has the power to heal
  • Promotion of wellness, autonomy, and responsibility


Epigenetics literally means above the genes. We are born with genes; however, the environment our genes bathe in determines their expression or lack thereof. Thus, the environment is the information that dictates which genes will be turned on and which ones will be turned off. In genetics this is referred to as gene expression and is controlled by our DIET and LIFESTYLE.


A dis-“ease” state exists as a combination of “dysfunctional” mind/body integration. It is dynamic rather than static and can be thought of as having the following etiologies (causes):

Excess/Toxicity and/or Deficiency


There are three broad categories of “stress” that may be used to help to identify your excesses and deficiencies, they include:

Toxins: man made toxins (drugs, pesticides, herbicides), bio-toxins (parasites, yeast, bacteria), naturally occurring toxins (heavy metals), metaphysical toxins, cultural/indoctrinated toxins (memes), EMF’s, cosmetics, smoking, air/water quality, hormones, alcohol, acidic foods (animal products and processed foods), low/high oxygen environment, vaccines, etc.

Physical: genetics, exercise (too much?, none?), spinal/nerve dysfunctions, musculoskeletal system, physical trauma and injury to: organs, tissues, and cells, etc.

Mind/Body/Ego: lack of awareness/consciousness, the habituated mind – racing thoughts, external stressors from people, your environment, and the ego created: Disconnectedness, Separateness, Competition, Identification of Ego with what we do (our accomplishments), with what other people think about us, and with what we want (things).


The new paradigm of optimal health comes from the understanding that everything we think, feel and do is either a nurturing communion or toxic expression of consciousness.


Although disease is multi-factorial and complex we can look at it through a simplistic lens of commonsense. Ultimately, disease can be looked at as a dysfunction of “the cell.” To grasp the nature of this simplicity we must first understand that we produce approximately – 300,000,000,000 new cells a day! In fact, we grow a new stomach lining every 4-5 days and a new liver every 6 months. Physicists go on to tell us that in approximately 2 years 99% of all the atoms in the human body will have been replaced. New cells are made from various sources including: the food we eat, the air we breathe, our thoughts (via production of neurotransmitters), toxins from the environment (which accumulate in the cells creating cellular communication dysfunction), etc.

Thus, to make a healthy body, our first step is to identify those things that are in excess, those things that are toxic, and those things that are deficient. Once identified, treatment can be viewed as a simplified application REMOVAL and NOURISHMENT.

In summary, we need to:

  • Identify what needs to come out and remove those things that are in excess or that are causing toxicity to your mind/body. (EXCESS & TOXICITY)
  • Identify what needs to go in and give the mind/body nourishment of those things that are deficient or out of balance. (DEFICIENCY)

After identifying the body’s excesses and deficiencies, we use the 5 “Steps to Wellness” as a roadmap to correct the “multi-dimensional” aspects of ALL dis-“ease.” During application of this 5 Step Program, we use a myriad of treatment modalities to help aid you in your wellness journey. They include, but are not limited to the following: functional medicine, chiropractic, juicing, massage, meal planning, yoga, stress reduction techniques, mental health counseling, life coaching – to name a few!


  1. Detoxification of both the Internal Body/Mind and Outside Environment. This could be everything from chemical toxins, allergens, parasites, our organs of elimination (liver, kidney, skin, lung, sinus, and colon), racing thoughts, to toxic relationships.
  2. Nurturing our body/mind with the “New Paradigm Nutrients” - Sunshine, Clean Air, Clean Water, Plant Based Nutrition, Grounding, Spiritual/Cosmic Energy, Consciousness and Love.
  3. Nurturing our body/mind with Movement, Rest & Growth - Exercise, Restorative Sleep, and all Activities of Daily Living.
  4. Nurturing ALL Relationships & identifying universal connectedness and unlimited abundance rather than competition, disconnectedness and separation
  • To your “Self” (beliefs, self-care, awareness, mindfulness, formulation of your dharma (purpose) and connection to your true source.)
  • To the “Macro World” (family, neighbors, community, culture, earth, environment, and cosmos)
  • To your “Inner Terrain” (the trillions of symbiotic micro-organisms that inhabit your body)
  1. Formulating an Individualized Plan based on you Bio-Uniqueness and specialized functional medicine testing
  • Personalized Diet, Personalized Exercise Program, Personalized Mind/Body program, etc.
  • Initial treatment of your Hormonal (Your Body’s Communication System – you are the person behind the thoughts) )and Gastro-intestinal Systems (you are what you eat)

Simply put – physical health is really just a platform for your spiritual and emotional health. Your mind/body is more than what are senses can “see.” It responds to thoughts, nerve impulses, chemicals, sounds, light, and electrical energy. We must not think of treatment in terms of just “chemical” answers – pills and potions. At Jacksonville Health and Wellness we look beyond the mechanistic Newtonian model of the world and towards an integration of uncovering your highest potential.


At Jacksonville Health & Wellness Center we believe in health care not sick care. We believe in a complete health care system – a one stop shop for our patient’s needs. Let’s examine the diagnosis and treatment of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE from a Conventional and Holistic medicine approach.


The diagnosis of high blood pressure is just describing the fact that you have high blood pressure. This is not a diagnosis. For example, if you complain of neck pain and are diagnosed with cervicalgia (neck pain) you are receiving a symptom based diagnosis. Symptom based diagnoses leads to symptom/medication correlation treatment. You will be matched with the appropriate drug of choice to tackle this simplified diagnosis of high blood pressure. The symptom is treated but the causative agent is overlooked.


The holistic approach would include taking blood pressure (a symptom) and recognizing that this elevation merely represents a symptom. But the detective work does not stop there!

Let’s examine the possible causative factors and their influence to this patient’s high blood pressure. Upon examination they show a familial history (possible genetics), lack of exercise, poor diet, increased stress, physical blockage in the vertebral spine causing impingement of the nerves that communicate with the heart. Thus, our treatment would consist of: exercise guidance, stress reduction techniques, detoxification, dietary changes/meal planning, vitamin supplemental guidance, adjustment (to release nerve impingement to the heart). In addition, we would treat the musculoskeletal body through various modalities, such as massage, in an ability to increase blood flow and maintain muscular integrity to allow the body the ability to succeed with the prescribed exercise regimen – free of injury. Lastly, the individualized treatment program could also include life coaching (to help with creating a MAP, goals, and implementation strategies) along with possible mental health counseling and yoga.

If you have a leak in a roof, would you get a pan to collect the water or fix the roof? Your body is no different! Thus, which treatment approach makes more sense? Treating the symptom (by collecting the water with a pan) or by treating the cause (the damaged roof).

Wants vs. Needs

Of course, not all of the above need to be integrated. You can trust in us that we will always give you exactly what you want but will always educate you on what you NEED.

Interest vs. Commitment

When someone is only interested in improving their health, they tend to give up during tough or inconvenient times. People who are only interested in their health are looking for short-term answers to long term problems. When you are committed to your health, you accept no excuses – only results. Commitment takes character, courage, and perseverance. When you are committed, you understand you are in it for the long haul and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Our Promise

If you are committed to your health, we are totally committed to you. We will do whatever it takes.

Our Unique Approach: At Jacksonville Health and Wellness our goal is to look at all possible causes. We believe “dis-ease” is multi-factorial and must necessitate a multi-dimensional treatment plan. Our treatment approach is based upon: Removal, Nourishment & Adjunctive Supplementation. This is accomplished by our comprehensive 5 Steps to Wellness.