Located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, our facility is on the cutting edge of a new paradigm in health and wellness. Our wish is to partner with you to help unlock and uncover your highest potential on all dimensions (PERMS): physical, emotional, relational, mental and spiritual. 

Whether you are interested in Functional Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health Counseling, Chiropractic, Yoga, Massage, Breath Work, Meditation, and more! - you have come to the right place! 

We combine the best of functional, integrative, and holistic medicine alongside ancient wisdom practices for the most comprehensive and individualized treatment approach available. 

We dig deep to uncover the true cause of your health concern or challenge.

We work to optimize your aging (quality of life), longevity (quantity of life), and fulfillment (e.g., happiness and inner peace). We will show you preventive strategies to protect your most precious asset – your health!
Our system of evaluation is detailed and unique. We exam the physical and non-physical components influencing your unique gene expression. Our detective work includes physical examinations, motivational interviewing, values/needs assessment as well as blood, urine, fecal, saliva, DNA, and energetic testing.

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Our Philosophy

All healing is self-healing. Our body holds far greater potential than can be imagined. When this wisdom is nurtured in the right healing environment (such as diet, exercise, and self-care practices) this potential can be realized or actualized.  This is oftentimes referred to as a vitalistic, rather than mechanistic view, of health and wellness. In other words, we all possess an inherent vitalistic innate intelligence (potential) that is free to actualize itself when we remove the blocks or interferences obstructing its intelligence expression. 

The Health and "Dis"ease Equation

Inputs (Causes) = Outcome (Effects)

This simple equation holds profound implications. In short, the law of the universe is not cause and effect but rather causes and effects. 

If you follow the former, it may lead you astray, causing you to become attached or blindsided, putting all your faith, hope, and trust in just one treatment approach or modality. If you embrace the later, your treatment will be all-inclusive, allowing you the benefit of a compounding multi-dimensional approach that explores all dimensions: PERMS.
P: Physical
E: Emotional, Environmental and Epigenetics
R: Relational
M: Mental
S: Spiritual

Patient receiving treatment

Our 3-Step Process

Using the most advanced functional and holistic diagnostics available we aim to: 

1. Identify and remove the excesses. Examples include bio-toxins (viruses, bacteria, viruses, etc.), environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.), excessive mind chatter (“the monkey mind”), and more. 

2. Identify and nourish the deficiencies. Examples include vitamin/mineral deficiencies, universal needs (safety, security, love/belongingness, self-esteem, etc.), and more. 

3. Identify and balance all the traumas, stressors, blocks, interferences, and systems of the human body (gastrointestinal, hormonal, etc.) through a process called coherence.

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It’s Your Life… Live it in Health!
Dr. Jon Repole


Are you sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED?

Are you disillusioned with conventional treatments that lack focus on CAUSE, PREVENTION, DIET AND LIFESTYLE?

Do you want a multi-dimensional treatment plan: physical, emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual?

Do you want to say YES to living a life by design and NO to self-betrayal!

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Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

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    Dr. Jon Repole

    Dr. Jon Repole holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from NYCC, a B.S. from Siena College, Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification from Functional Medicine University, a Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant degree from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine, as well as advanced certificates and post doctorate education in plant based nutrition, endocrinology, anti-aging, neurology and functional medicine. 

    He is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine & Institute for Functional Medicine where he has completed training in ‘Applying Functional Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention & Management.’ Dr. Repole is also a Certified Personal Trainer. 

    Since 2001, he has been working with patients integrating a new paradigm of healthcare based on dietary and lifestyle medicine along with various “hands-on” therapies and modalities. He fosters partnerships with his patients and is determined to find the true causative nature of each person’s health challenge while helping to uncover or unlock their highest self/potential. He has developed an educational curriculum for his patients through one-on-one counseling, workshops, weekend cooking classes, manuals, recipes, and books. He uses the unique “5 Steps to Wellness” paradigm along with a revolutionary plant based dietary intervention called the 100% DIET. It was developed over a 15 year period in working with 1000’s of patients and conditions (heart disease, autoimmunity, hormonal dysfunctions, weight loss, fatigue, depression, diabetes, etc.). The 100% DIET is based on eating 100% of our foods from 100% natural sources. Treatment plans are individually tailored for each individual focusing on the whole person – mind, body and spirit.


    New York Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic
    Functional Medicine University - Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner 
    Global Institute for Alternative Medicine – Nutrition Counselor & Holistic Health Practitioner
    American Clinical Board of Nutrition (Diplomate Of Clinical Nutrition): Board Eligible
    Cornell University & the T. Colin Campbell Foundation – Certificate In Plant Based Nutrition
    Institute for Functional Medicine – training in ‘Applying Functional Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention & Management 
    Siena College – B.S. (Bachelor of Science)
    University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic – Completion of Anti-Aging Certification
    University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic – Functional Endocrinology Certification
    University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic – Brain/Neurotransmitter Certification

    New York
    Memberships & Associations:

    Florida Chiropractic Association 2005-Present
    Florida Chiropractic Society 2005-Present
    Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine 2007-Present
    Earth Save International 2006-Present
    American Chiropractic Association 1997-2002
    International Chiropractic Association 1997-2002
    Certificate of Attainment from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners 2000,2001
    Institute for Functional Medicine

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    Heather R. Fisse, LMHC, LMT, RYT, CPT, MS

    I hold a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from a CACREP accredited program at the University of North Florida and am currently licensed in the state of Florida (MH13170).  I am currently working towards becoming certified as a Gottman Couples Therapist and expect completion of this training in the Fall of 2015. In addition, I have obtained 100+ hours of psychodrama training in both group and individual therapy. 

    Further, I have attended multiple trainings on Interpersonal Neurobiology as well as functional medicine approaches to psychological distress and the connection of brain and body dysfunction. These modalities combined with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy/Mindfulness, and Interpersonal psychology allow for a very holistic approach in connecting with individuals and assisting them as they meet their goals in counseling and life.

    I graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage in 2008 and have been practicing as a licensed massage therapist (lic. # MA53350) since that time. In this role I have gained tremendous insight on wellness as well as an appreciation and understanding that a holistic view of my clients promotes the greatest benefits to them and their therapy. My massage therapy not only impacts the physical body through the use of modalities like neuromuscular therapy, trigger point work, and myofascial release by removing physiological tensions, restrictions, and imbalances but it also has a tremendous impact on the psychological and emotional bodies by increasing one’s awareness about self and the value of self-care.

    In 2012, I became certified and registered as a Yoga Teacher in the primary methods of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Kripalu yoga. In 2013, I completed a 40hr training in Bhakti flow as well as immersion into the integrative methods of Yoga Nidra. In addition to teaching weekly mind/body classes at Yoga Den I have enjoyed working with individuals at Jacksonville Health & Wellness Center to customize a yoga practice that helps them achieve the greatest level of balance in their lives.


    International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association – Certified Personal Trainer (2014)
    Yoga Den – 200hr – Certificate in Yoga Training (2012)
    University of North – Master of Science – Mental Health Counseling(2012)
    Southeastern School Of Neuromuscular Massage- Certificate in Massage Therapy (2008)
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice – Bachelors of Arts (2004)
    Norwalk Community College – Associate in Arts (2002)

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor – State of Florida Lic.#MH13170
    Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork - Cert.#554076-08
    Licensed Massage Therapist – State of Florida Lic. #MA53350
    Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance ID#95942
    Certified Healthcare Provider AED/CPR – American Heart Association

    Level I Training in Gottman Couples Therapy (2013)
    Level II Training in Gottman Couples Therapy (2014)
    40hr Bhakti Certification (2013)
    INR Seminars: Food Addictions and Eating Disorder (2010), Food, Mood, and Cognition (2013)
    IBP Seminars: Noxious People: Living and Working w/ High-Conflict Individuals(2013), Understanding The Gut Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood(2013)
    100+ hours of psychodrama training w/ Linda Condon
    Amrit Institute: Yoga Nidra immersion workshop

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    Jennifer Costa, B.A., B.S., C.W.E.

    My health journey began as a freshman in college. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, and not given much hope from my neurologists. Best-case scenario, they would manage my health with medications, told me to limit my activities, and keep a very inactive lifestyle. Through their care my health got progressively worse, landing me in and out of the hospital for several years. 

    That’s when I decided that this life was not going to work for me. I began studying, experimenting with foods, supplements, exercise, spirituality, and creating a new life for myself.  It took time, patience, dedication, perseverance, and belief every single day to transform my life.

    I hold a dual Bachelors degree from Cairn University Majoring in Liberal Arts and Theology, as well as a minor in Social Work. Before transitioning to Jacksonville, I worked as a Nutritional Assistant to a prominent Functional Medicine Doctor in New York City. As of 2017 I am a Certified Wellness Instructor and Creator of a 4 –week Wellness Transformation Program. In my spare time I practice yoga, explore this city with the goal of finding the healthiest places to eat, and volunteer with my church.

    I feel honored and privileged to have a second chance at life, and my passion is to help others along their journey towards optimal health!


    Bachelor of Liberal Arts

    Bachelor of Science in Theology

    Minor Social Work

    Hillsong NYC Health and Wellness Coordinator

    Zyto Scan Certified

    Certified Wellness Educator

  • .
    Sean Ivan L.M.T.

    Sean has been in practice since 1996. He has specializes in the treatment of soft tissue pain and injury. Sean practices the philosophy of “Structural Functional Medicine”. Structural Functional Medicine addresses and eliminates the “Cause” of the soft tissue pain with treatments such as muscular re-education, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Structural Rehabilitation and Kinesiotaping. 

    Sean has worked in areas of pain management such as Orthopedics, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Neurology as well as private practice and with multiple professional athletes in sports such as golf, football, baseball and hockey. Sean supports the development of Massage as a viable field of pain management and teaches continuing education classes for massage therapy in Florida.

  • Amanda Johns, L.M.T., LSHC
    Amanda Johns, L.M.T., LSHC

    There was a time in my life when my health was not so marvelous. I had been sick for many years before going to the hospital with uncertainty of death. I went to the emergency room , almost too late!  I had lost all but three units of blood and had a weak pulse! I was then diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Anemia and Auto-immune issues. I felt like my whole life was gone in a flash. This was the most frightening time of my life. Scared and confused I still felt that I had a strong will to live.

    Later, I realized this event was actually a blessing in disguise. My life was transformed and in this transformation, I found my true path in this beautiful life . Now that I am vibrant and healthy I wish to share this magical experience with everyone. This adventure is validation that miracles are out there for all of us. They are a gift... Our Gift..All we must do is accept it.

    After all this turmoil and adversity, my life acquired a new direction. The journey started with the plant based lifestyle. This opened new doors of truth about our own ability to heal our mind, body and spirit. Clearing and detoxing of the body begun a new exploration to learn about the anatomy of the human body. This adventure led me to the Hippocrate Health Institute in 2007 where I learned more about the plant based lifestyle and integrative techniques.  Supreme Science Food Healing in 2013 expanded more knowledge on phyto-nutrients and how this serves our overall health.

    I graduated from Florida Cost Career Tech of Clinical Massage in 2011 becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA66518), this open so many doors of certifications. In 2013 I obtained a certification in Ashiastu (BareFoot) Massage . The anatomy of the body sparked a new interest of energetic modalities where I achieved the Foundation Certification of Clinical Acupressure from Soul Lightening International in 2014. Then in 2015  I obtained a certification as a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach ( SCH 2067) at The Universal Gnostic Fellowship, which provided me with the education on metaphysical modalities. The Jacksonville Wellness Center will be a great addition to my integrative educational  journey


    The Universal Gnostic Fellowship: Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (2014-2015)
    Soul Lightening International Foundational Certificate (2014- Present)
    Hippocrates Health Institute Certificate: Health Education Program (2007 & 2014)
    Supreme Science Certificate: Food Healing (May 2013)
    Vibrant Health Massage Certificate: Ashiatsu Massage (March 2013)
    Florida Coast Career Tech: School of Clinical Massage Diploma, Clinical Massage Therapy (2010 - 2011)
    Florida State College of Jacksonville Bachelor of Science (Presently Obtaining)
    Organizer at Jacksonville Raw Food Community
    Volunteer  with Girls Gone Green
    Volunteer  with Eat Your Yard Jax

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