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by Dr. Jon Repole, DC, NC, HHP, CPT, CFMP

I have to admit that sometimes sitting quietly for 15-30 minutes or even 5 MINUTES can be quite a challenge. Meditation is a way for us to harness the power of our focus and attention. Simply giving someone our full attention in a conversation, for example, can be considered a form of meditation. With that said, this is a meditation that can easily be performed by anyone and is practical way to start the day, as well as to set  your intentions for a day and life of mastery. Try this mediation sequence for 30 days straight and see how the universe aligns to create abundance in your life!

Some of this information can be found in previous posts but today we are putting it all together in the form of a 10-minute No Nonsense meditation!

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Step 1: Begin with 2-minutes of unconditional love and the “Divine Breath”

  • Take a thoughtful 7-second inhalation simply concentrating on just the breath and/or while using the mantra, “I breathe in the great sea of the divine into the drop of ocean of which I am part"
  • Hold breathe for 2 seconds
  • Take a thoughtful 8-second exhalation simply concentrating on just the breath and/or while using the mantra, “I breathe out a kiss of this divine spark to everyone and everything in my immediate awareness and beyond”
  • Take a large inhalation and "let go" and/or while using the mantra, “I breathe in an acknowledgment of life’s interconnectedness.”
  • Take time to “think” and “feel” sending and receiving love and compassion - first to yourself, your family, your friends, all of humanity, Mother Nature, Earth’s animal inhabitants, and beyond. Reflect for just a moment on the idea that, “Giving is Receiving”

Step 2: Meditate on 2-minutes of unconditional gratitude for the present moment

  • Meditate on 2 things that you are grateful for - from the simplest (a cup of coffee) to more profound, deeper connections such as someone you love. Stay here without any judgement for what you have chosen surrounding yourself in a sea of gratitude for all that has been given to you.

Step 3: Meditate on 2-minutes of unconditional forgiveness for the past

  • Think about any event, circumstance or dis-empowering thought and practice unconditional forgiveness by simply moving your thought system away from “fear" to love. You can choose one (or more) of the following mantras to bless that which you have chosen:  
  1. “I can choose again. I can choose peace over this.”
  2. “Would I rather be right or happy?”
  3. “There is another way of looking at the world that takes me away from victim consciousness. I can rewrite the stories of my past to a more empowering and uplifting thought system. I can view the past as having a divine purpose, a life lesson, or as a growth opportunity.”
  4. Instead of Why Me? Ask WHY ME – TO BE SO LUCKY?
  5. “I am determined to see things differently”
  6. “The past is over, it can’t touch me”

Step 4: Mediate 2-minutes by casting your unconditional dreams into the future  

  • Contemplate on the paradoxical connection of both “Doing and Being”
  • Doing: Magically cast out intentions for your most prominent dreams, and goals. Or if you’d rather not focus on “goals” – simply cast out future blessings to yourself and others. Envision your “perfect” day and what needs to done today in the present moment. Contemplate on the fact that, “How you live your day is how you live your life.” For this exercise, “goals” should be tied to experience, feeling, contributions and growth.
  • Being: You are perfectly grounded in happiness without attainment of any goal

Step 5: End with 2 minutes of the divine breath (see above) and the creation of a daily intention

  • Choose any intention, quote, mantra to help guide your thoughts, emotions, and actions for the day such as, “I chose to experience love today and will use my spiritual eyes to see things as either LOVE or a CALL FOR LOVE.”